Oil and Gas

Reliability, performance and safety

We produce tailored gears for the gas and oil industry that cover the full range of drilling solutions, offshore and onshore, plus provide rapid repair and maintenance around the world.

Over the years we have developed a deep understanding of the oil and gas life cycle - from exploration to production; of our customers' specific applications; and of industry regulations and performance standards that must be met without compromise.

Precision products

When drilling for oil, different applications require individual gear solutions, while processing demands high-speed pinion and bull gears for compressors. Whatever the application for gearboxes in the gas and oil industry, we provide precision engineering.


  • Gears for diesel engines
  • Gears for frac pumps
  • Gears for mud pumps
  • Unique, bespoke high quality gearboxes

The sharpest focus on safety and reliability

Reliability and safety begins with the skill of our design office, and continues throughout our quality led, lean and streamlined processes. We ensure short time to market – from pre-design to design, testing and delivery. And thanks to low cost manufacturing plants we can optimize the total cost of ownership. The services we offer are truly global: our presence in China enables us to work with the growing markets in Asia.

Service and repair

Our presence around the world enables us to supply robust solutions and swift response maintenance when and where you need it. Giving you complete assurance when it comes to the gears and gearboxes across diverse oil and gas process applications.