London Underground

At IGW, we design, manufacture and supply transmission solutions for the transport, engineering and manufacturing industries. Our customers know we have the experience and know-how to understand and meet their specific needs.
For instance, when the Northern Line came to replace its 1960s rolling stock, we provided all 106 of the new trains with our IGW double reduction gearbox solution that allows them to safely reach speeds of 100 km/h – as well as delivering real cost savings through minimized maintenance.
The trains on the Northern Line seat 248 passengers and use Alstom’s Onix three-phase insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) drive, providing variable voltage and frequency supplies to four frame mounted three-phase induction motors per motor car, each driving an individual axle through a flexible coupling and our IGW double reduction gearbox.
They share a lot of characteristics with the ones used on the Jubilee Line; both were produced by Alstom and benefit from the use of IGW double reduction gearboxes.
Elsewhere in the transport sector, we’ve provided custom engineered gearboxes for high-speed continental trains, New York’s subway system, the Sao Paulo metro, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, ski lifts and conveyor drives – as well as propulsion gears for large cruise ships.
Our dedication to getting to know our customers and catering to their needs explains why we have grown into an industry-leading transmission solutions manufacturer and service provider.
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