Trams - Metro

Optimum design for tight requirements

We design and manufacture a variety of solutions for tram applications across the world.

We are experienced in a wide range of vehicle types and in a variety of designs: wheel or axel-mounted, fully or semi-suspended, single or double-helical, bevel, helical bevel or bevel helical gear units. Limited space, plus frequent stops and starts with high torque values and maximum load are typical requirements.

Concerning metro applications, we handle all drive configurations (fully, semi or half-suspended), as well as combinations of helical and bevel gears, plus all coupling types and a range of housing arrangements.

We supply complete systems, comprising gearbox, couplings, reaction rods and support elements. We can also adapt to existing supply chains. The design standardization of our labyrinths, covers and bearings delivers valuable cost advantages for our customers.

Service and repair

Our presence around the world enables us to supply solutions and swift response maintenance when and where you need it. Giving you complete assurance across diverse tram applications.

The sharpest focus on safety and reliability

Reliability and safety begins with our design offices, and continues throughout our quality led, lean and streamlined processes. We ensure short time to market – from pre-design to design, testing and delivery. The services we offer are truly global: our presence in China enables us to work with the growing markets in Asia.