07 September 2015

Keeping it cool with IGW

Shaft For CoolingIGW recently partnered up with a world leading supplier of air conditioning systems. In the run-up to the cooperation, we have made major efforts to expand our expertise in HVAC-applications. We’re proud that our work has yielded such great results.

We’re currently processing the customer’s first order of shaft gears for their newest generation of large industrial chillers. The production is spread over our Belgian plant in Oostkamp, where fifty shafts with a length of 1.2 meters are accurately manufactured, and our Romanian branch in Iasi. Here we are meanwhile producing the matching gears, that will ensure excellent rotary motion, strength and speed in the massive cooling systems.   

The order will be delivered in China before the end of the year. We’re already preparing to supply a remarkably larger amount of shaft gears for the client in 2016.

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