02 October 2017

IGW and CRRC team up for the first time in the EU market

Tn Cz Leoexpress Generic Chinese Emu Impression
CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive, one of the biggest customers in rail for IGW, received an order on September 26, 2016 from the Czech open access passenger operator LEO Express to supply three electric multiple-units in mid-2018, with a framework agreement for up to 30. The LEO Express order is the Chinese rolling stock group’s second multiple-unit contract in Europe, but the first in the EU. The first contract in Europe was for the Macedonia EMU project in 2014. 


IGW provided already gear units for the Macedonia EMU project and received at the end of August 2017 the LOI for 12 high quality gear units for the Czech project of CRRC. This is an excellent evolution because it gives IGW a competitive advantage with regards to the Chinese competitors. It does not matter for example where CRRC wants to assemble its rolling stock for European projects in the future. IGW as a global brand is able to deliver locally out of its plants spread all over the globe. Furthermore, IGW is a well-established brand who meets the extremely strict requirements on quality, reliability and safety for rolling stock in Europe. In this way, IGW enjoys a preferable position in the market. Definitely to be continued!