20 December 2018

Unique in Europe

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IGW Oostkamp, Belgium is currently investing in Nital Etch, also known as Surface Temper Etch, a non-destructive test for checking machining damage or ‘grinding burn’ of a hardened steel component. Abusive machining or grinding can introduce a tremendous amount of heat into a steel component. If a zone of the component is not cooled properly, it will overheat, and consequently adversely affect the required properties of the steel.  At high tensile stresses, the material could undergo micro cracking. Dynamic strain causes the micro cracks to grow into greater cracks which consequently lead to a mechanical failure of the part. An overheated area may not have any visible burn marks, but it can be identified using the Nital etch test. The overheated area will appear darker than the surrounding area after the test.

With the new installation, IGW will be able to perform Nital etching in-house, even for its largest gears and shafts, respectively up to 2 meters in diameter and 2.6 meters in length. At IGW, we will have a complete in-house capability of equipment, qualified personnel and industry certification to perform Nital etching for such large dimensions, what makes us unique in Europe.

 We drive solutions

As this extra test becomes much more important to our customers, we started thinking about solutions. Either go out of Europe or do it ourselves. Fast, it became clear that we should implement this in our plant. Why? We can shorten our lead times and we will fully own this process, which gives us control and the possibility to guarantee the customer that the test was done correctly and no grinding burn was detected. Our team of engineers started to work on this project almost from scratch, as such a big installation does not exist yet. In Q1 2019 it should be fully operational. We look forward to it!