25 October 2018

Augmented reality @ IGW

Augmented Reality is not just a strategy on paper @ IGW

Together with CadCorner we developed a first showcase for the fair “InnoTrans”. This involved the development of a tool in function of sales and marketing, giving our product development an extra dimension and which positions IGW as an "Industry leading provider of transmission solutions".

Augmented Reality

How was this project realized?

An AR project like this consists of 3 important steps, namely the CAD models of the products, the assembly and disassembly instructions of the products, and finally the realization of the project: the AR experiences.

First, CadCorner gave training to our engineers to ensure that Creo models were correctly modified and constructed to meet the specification of the project. In the next step the constructed models were used in Creo Illustrate. In this case, the engineers were trained to create assembly and disassembly instructions on their own. Via Creo Illustrate dynamic, movements were added to achieve interactive 3D manuals.

Creating the "Experiences" is part of the last step and the ultimate goal of the project. Within Vuforia Studio, on one side the Creo data (solid models) was collected, while on the other side the Creo Illustrate data was loaded that represents the kinematic movements on the models. A user interface was created to position the different transmissions. The Vuforia View App was then used to set up and visualize the final AR story via the iPad. The app created can be used in two ways;

  • Via 2D Tracing, in which case the camera of the iPad is moved over a model and performs a 3D shape recognition based on the 2D alignment of the product.
  • By directly addressing the assembly instructions

The entire project was carried out in a period of 6 to 7 weeks. This clearly illustrates that AR should not remain a strategy on paper, but that it can be implemented efficiently in practice.

Follow-up steps

The next step within IGW's AR strategy is to implement Augmented Reality for their growing service/aftermarket business, as well as to provide training to their assy & field technicians.