10 January 2019

IGW extends its track record again

 Dehloplus Cairo III

IGW will supply gearboxes for Diesel Electric Hybrid Locomotives where the energy for the traction motors is provided either by sets of diesel engines and generators or rechargeable batteries or by a combination of both sources. DB signed this contract with Toshiba for the supply of 100 Diesel Electric Hybrid Locomotives, each equipped with 4 IGW gearboxes. The locomotives will be operational in Germany.

 For the extension of the metro line in Cairo will Hyundai Rotem deliver the cars again. In 2014 supplied Hyundai Rotem already cars with IGW gearboxes for line I. As everyone was satisfied with the cooperation, they decided to team up again and ordered 256 cars for line III. All these cars will be equipped with IGW gearboxes that are especially designed to function in ambient temperatures up to 50°C.