A world of quality support

IGW is more than a trusted gear and gearbox manufacturer. Our 65 years of experience in transmission solutions make us the ideal partner for servicing jobs. We offer investigations, repairs, overhauls and spare parts, not only for original IGW components but also for every other brand on the market.

Reliability is crucial for every customer, in any market segment. Thanks to our worldwide presence we can guarantee rapid response, consequently minimizing any downtime. 

Expert local technicians

Our highly trained service engineers provide in-depth support, while following a detailed working procedure. This way they can diagnose the source of the inconvenience and implement measures to eliminate it immediately and permanently. Every servicing job is concluded with extensive testing and inspection, and meticulously described in a service report.


  • Worldwide presence

  • Immediate response

  • Minimized costs

  • Short material lead time

  • Root cause analysis

  • Service reporting


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