Global Manufacturing

  • Belgium

    Oostkamp, Head Office

    This gear manufacturing facility represents our largest capacity and output, with state-of-the-art technology and machinery, and all processes carried out in-house.


    Prototype series are produced at this site, plus small, ‘one-off’ pieces through to extremely large dimensions for use in energy and marine applications.

  • Czech Republic
    Czech Republic

    Brno,  Czech Republic

    The IGW design team is based in the Czech Republic. This site also specializes in the innovative design, manufacturing and assembly of gearboxes.

  • Romania

    lasi, Romania

    Gear manufacturing here features high quality facilities and advanced processes, all under one roof.

  • People's Republic of China
    People's Republic of China

    Suzhou, China

    Opened in 2006, this site covers gearbox assembly and machining.

  • USA


    Ohio, USA

    This is an assembly and distribution center, which also handles machining.

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Global Manufacturing

Our production plants - quality all around the world

To enable us to swiftly respond to our customers’ manufacturing and service demands, we have a global network of production plants.

These advanced plants use the very latest technology for every element of gear, shaft and assembly activities - from turning, hobbing, shaping, shaving and grinding, to heat and surface treatments, and quality control. Our experienced, expert teams complete our commitment to precision.



Distribution centers

Every IGW plant has a distribution center, which means delivery can take place from any of our sites.

Tailor-made logistical concepts

As every IGW plant has a distribution center, gears and components can be sent to any other plant of ours in the world; then stored by us, so you can request them as required, just in time for their specific need.